👉  Handy.js  👈

Handy makes defining and recognizing custom hand poses in WebXR a snap. Why use hand-held controllers when you can use your bare hands? 👋 Handy recognizes over 100 hand poses right out of the box—including the American Sign Language (ASL) alphabet. Are you a developer? Recording and adding new pose definitions is easy. Want more efficiency? Slimming down the number of poses to detect is even easier. Here’s the Handy.js source code.

Demo. 👉 Make your hand into a “finger gun” pose, then tap your thumb down onto your middle finger to shoot lasers from your hand. ✊ Make a fist to cycle through different hand model visual styles. ✌️ Make a “peace sign” to toggle the hand-specific colors—red for right, green for left.

Requirements. This code has been designed for the Oculus Quest headset, though device support will expand as more devices implement the WebXR hand tracking API. Be sure your Oculus Quest has all of the latest software updates installed, including Oculus Browser 15.3.0 or later, then follow these steps to experience the demo for yourself:
  1. In the main Settings menu navigate to Device → Hands and Controllers. Enable both Hand Tracking and Auto Enable Hands or Controllers.
  2. In Oculus Browser visit chrome://flags/. and search for “hands” in the flags search box.
  3. Within the flags page, enable the “WebXR experiences with joints tracking” flag (#webxr-hands).
  4. Again, within this flags page, set the “WebXR experiences with joints tracking” flag (#webxr-hands) to Enabled.
  5. Restart Oculus Browser and visit this site again. Use your hand controllers to click the “Enter VR” button. Once you are inside the experience put your controllers down, hold your hands out in front of you so that the headset can see them, and enjoy! 👍

I’m Stewart. This demo illustrates the use of the WebXR device hand input API for hand and finger tracking, as tested on an Oculus Quest stand-alone headset. This experience is live at https://stewartsmith.io/handy/. This code is open-source and available at https://github.com/stewdio/handy.js.